HTML5 Gallery

Here are sample video files presented via the HTML5 video tag.

Supported browsers so far are as follow, with the associated video/audio codecs:

Safari -- mp4, aac

Chrome -- webm, vorbis

Firefox -- ogg, vorbis

All samples were encoded with a target data rate of 800kbps. Some encoders were better than others at consistently achieving the target - webm in particular has resulted in very large files, so expect very slow performance in Chrome.

The encoders used are:

ffmpeg command line -- webm

ffmpeg2theora command line -- ogg

Compressor -- mp4

Also, check out the test of Apple's HTTP Streaming protocol, featured below (and DC's Cherry Blossoms). For the test page to work, you'll need Safari or an IOS (Apple) based device.

New videos uploaded to the site will include HTTP Streaming versions as well as progressive downloads.